Taking CoursesInformation for Non-AWI students

Whether as a minor/cross-disciplinary competences or simply out of interest - the AWI generally opens its courses to students from outside the AWI.

Depending on how you are enrolled, there are different details to consider in order to take courses at AWI. However, the basic rules are the following:

  • It is not necessary (and also not possible) to register for courses via LSF/heiCO. You simply search for courses you would like to attend (usually lectures) in LSF/heiCO and attend the specified dates.
  • If there is an allocation of topics (especially in the case of seminars), you will find further information and, if necessary, registration modalities in the course commentary.
  • If you have questions about the content of the courses, you can contact the respective lecturer. 
  • In Moodle you will find, for example, lecture slides, problem sets and other documents. Moodle passwords are usually announced in the first lecture session.


For exams, registration is necessary within the deadlines before the respective exam date. Students from other subjects must also register once beforehand at the Examinations Office. The form and further information on exam registration can be found on the website of the Examinations Office.

 Registration Form

Courses in the M.Sc. Economics

Students who want to take courses in the M.Sc. Economics can register directly in heiCO for the exams. 
Students of the University of Mannheim cannot register for exams in heiCO. Please use the form linked above.


Announcement of Grades

Bachelor's courses: For students who are not enrolled at AWI, the results will be announced by posting at Campus Bergheim. For a written proof ("Schein"), the students can visit the office hours or write an e-mail with the respective examination office's contact which the results shall be forwarded to.

Master's courses: The results will not be posted at Campus Bergheim anymore. Students who are not enrolled at AWI will presumably find their results in heiCO as well; detailed information will follow here in due time. For students of the University of Mannheim, the results will be sent automatically to the Student Services in Mannheim.

Students at the University of Mannheim

For students who would like to take courses in the elective area (in Mannheim: specialisation area) at the AWI in the context of the cooperation with the Department of Economics of the University, the same rules apply as mentioned above. 

However, you must also obtain a Heidelberg matriculation number. You will also receive this from the AWI examination office when you register (by presenting your Mannheim student ID).

In addition, please contact the IT Service of the University Computer Centre with your Heidelberg matriculation number in order to obtain a Uni-ID: it-service@uni-heidelberg.de. With this you can access the materials of the respective courses in Moodle.

Courses in the M.Sc. Economics

Students of the University of Mannheim cannot register for exams in heiCO. Please use the form linked above.


Within the scope of the cooperation, you can complete achievements from the elective module of the B.Sc. Economics or the M.Sc. Economics (Elective Module). The AWI offers various lectures and seminars every semester. These can be found in the course catalogue under the respective headings.

It is also possible to write the Bachelor's or Master's thesis in Heidelberg. Please note the information on the max. usable scope of the cooperative work, see above.

Information on the Degree Programmes in Heidelberg