PrüfungsamtExam Registration and Deregistration

Registration and deregistration period

tba | Exception: Economic and Social Statistics (take-home exam: 29.05.-19.06.2023, exam: 10.06.-01.07.2023) | Compulsory modules: Deregistration is possible until one week prior to the specific exam date.

General Information

  • The first and second exam period are independent from each other, including a respective (de-)registration period.

  • Students who are unable to attend the examinations due to illness must submit a medical certificate to the Examination Office within three days of the examination. Certificates submitted later will not be considered! Anyone who misses an exam without excuse will receive a grade of 5,0 (= not passed).

  • For students that are not enrolled at AWI, the examination results will be announced by posting at Campus Bergheim (please mind the Correction Status page). For a proof of the examination results, the students can visit the office hours or write an e-mail with the respective examination office's contact which the results shall be forwarded to.

  • The examiners will give the students an appointment to view the exams.

Students at AWI and/or Sociology

Students of the following programmes need to (de-)register via LSF:

  • B.Sc. Economics
  • M.Sc. Economics
  • M.Ed. Economics
  • Staatsexamen Politik- / Wirtschaftswissenschaft
  • also: students in International exchange programs (e.g. ERASMUS) that are enrolled in an economics subject
  • B.A. Soziologie
  • M.A. Soziologie

(De-)Registration via LSF

Non-subject students and students at the University of Mannheim

Students of the following programmes need to (de-)register via form:

  • non-subject students (e.g. Physics, Mathematics, Applied Computer Science, Political Science)
  • also: students in international exchange programmes (e.g. ERASMUS) that are not enrolled in an AWI subject
  • students at the University of Mannheim

Before sitting the first exam at AWI, students in this category must register initially via form.

Further information for students not enrolled at AWI