Environmental EconomicsSorell de Silva, M.Sc.


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E-Mail: sorell.desilva@awi.uni-heidelberg.de
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Sorell de Silva is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Environmental Economics, Alfred-weber Institute for Economics, University of Heidelberg. She is also Science Communication Officer for MultiTip at the Research Center of Environmental Economics (RCEE), Heidelberg University.  She is interested in studying tools that can be used for fisheries management and wildlife conservation in developing countries. In the MultiTip project, she studies the use of subsidies as novel instruments for incentivising compliance to gear regulation for fisheries management at Lake Victoria.

Research Interests

  • Environmental Economics
  • Developmental Economics 
  • Behavioural & Experimental Economics


  • Dec 2021 M.Sc. Economics, University of Mannheim
  • May 2018 B.Sc. Economics & Environmental Studies, Northeastern University, Boston