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M.Sc. Economics - Environmental Economics Track

The MSc programme in Environmental Economics is an analytical, research-oriented program focusing on the analysis of the environmental problems and environmental policy. A foundation course in the first semester covers theoretical models and empirical and experimental methods to understand the nature of environmental problems and the contribut ion of economic instruments to their solution in modern and developing economies. This is in addition to core courses in mathematics, microeconomics, and econometrics.
From the second semester onwards, students are free to choose additional elective courses from the broad spectrum offered by Heidelberg’s economics faculty. Courses with a focus on environmental, climate, energy, and resource topics are regularly offered. Within the interdisciplinary module, courses from adjacent disciplines can be selected.
During the third semester, students have the opportunity to apply for a study visit abroad.
In the fourth semester, the programme concludes with a Master’s thesis in Environmental Economics.

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