Behavioral Finance and Contract TheoryDr. Christoph K. Becker


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Address: Bergheimer Straße 58 (Room 1.015), 69115 Heidelberg
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Dr. Christoph K. Becker

Research Interests

My research interests concern financial decisions under risk and uncertainty, experience and economic expectations, as well as wellbeing and happiness.


Trautmann, S.T., M. Vollmann, and C.K. Becker (2024). Performance Prediction and Performance-Based Task Allocation. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organzation 220, 354-368.

Becker, C. K., and S. T. Trautmann (2022). Does Happiness Increase in Old Age? Longitudinal evidence from 20 European Countries. Journal of Happiness Studies 23, 3625–3654.

Becker, C. K., E. Ert, S. T. Trautmann, and G. van de Kuilen (2020). Experiencing Risk: Higher-order Risk Attitudes in Description- and Experience-based Decisions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition, 47, 727-746.

Becker, C.K., I. Kirchmaier, and S. T. Trautmann (2019). Marriage, Parenthood and Social Network: Subjective Well-Being and Mental Health in Old Age. PLOS ONE 14, e0218704.

Working Papers

Becker, C.K., T. Melkonyan, E. Proto, A. Sofianos, and S.T. Trautmann (2020). Reverse Bayesianism: Revising Beliefs in Light of Unforeseen Events. R&R Journal of the European Economic Association.

Becker, C. K., P. Duersch, T. Eife, and A. Glas (2024). Using point forecasts to anchor probabilistic survey scales. AWI Discussion Paper No. 743.

Becker, C.K., P. Duersch, and T. Eife (2023).  Measuring Inflation Expectations: How the Response Scale Shapes Density Forecasts. AWI Discussion Paper No. 727.

Becker, C., Duersch, P., Eife, T. and Glas, A. (2023). Households’ probabilistic inflation expectations in high-inflation regimes. FAU Discussion Papers in Economics 1_2023.

Becker, C.K., P. Duersch,  T. Eife and A. Glas (2021). Extending the Procedure of Engelberg et al. (2009) to Surveys with Varying Interval-Widths. AWI Discussion Paper No. 707.

Fehr, D., H. Rau, S. T. Trautmann, Y. Xu and C. K. Becker (2023). Fairness properties of compensation schemes. R&R Journal of Law, Economics and Organization.




Other Activities

My research has been supported by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.

I support the management of the AWI Experimental Lab.