heiCOLeistungsdatenmigration und Downtime

Dear students,

As previously announced, the data migration in heiCO is due in May. At AWI, this only applies to the data of Bachelor students and M.Ed. students. You should have received an email from the heiCO team on 30 April. You can also find the most important information linked below. The previous information from the AWI including links to FAQs can also be found below.


For AWI students this means 

Before the migration

  • From Thursday, 9 May 2024 until at least 31 May 2024, no credits (including internships) can be transferred. 
    Please do not resubmit any recognition and transfers until after this time. 
  • From May 9, the Examinations Office will be very busy migrating your grades from LSF to heiCO and will therefore only have very limited capacity for other topics in May. Although the Examinations Office will remain open in May and June, we would nevertheless ask you to kindly refrain from making any non-urgent enquiries until the middle of June.

Performance data migration

  • From 21 - 31 May 2024 heiCO will not be available. 
    There is an alternative system with read access (see link above, access via VPN).
  • LSF remains usable until 31 May as before. 
    Bachelor's and M.Ed. students can therefore continue to print their transcript of records via LSF. Master's students (M.Sc.) can view their achievements in the alternative system and download certificates there. A transcript of records can also be printed via the alternative system (My achievements -> PDF icon next to filter).

After the migration

  • heiCO will be available again from 1 June. Certificates (certificate of enrolment) can then be downloaded again in heiCO. Master's students (M.Sc.) will also have access to the My degree programme and My achievements apps again.
  • From 15 June, the apps My Degree Proggramme and My achievements will be available for all students and should be filled with your achievement data. You will then be able to download your transcript of records there.

In principle, achievements will not be deleted in LSF and there will still be a copy as an archive. However, it may be useful for you to download a transcript of records from your respective system (BSc + MEd: LSF, MSc: heiCO) before May 20 as an additional security measure.

Of course, we will keep you informed about the further progress and inform you about the activation at the latest. Registration for exams in the summer semester (including WiSo statistics) is expected to take place in heiCO for all AWI degree programmes.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Advisory Service or the heiCO support team (heico-support@uni-heidelberg.de) for technical questions.