Course Catalogue, Migration, FAQheiCO Information for the ST 2024

Dear Students,

Since February 5, the course catalogue of the entire university can be found in heiCO. The courses of the AWI in the summer semester are already complete, courses of other institutes are still being compiled and may therefore not yet be available in their entirety.

 An exception are events from the Central Facilities, heiSKILLS Competence and Language Centre, University Sports, heiINNOVATION Entrepreneurship Education, Capella Carolina and Collegium Musicum. These can still be found in LSF.

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Data migration – Grades and Credits (B.Sc., M.Ed.)

In the course of the summer semester, the data (grades, credits, etc.) of the Bachelor students and the M.Ed. in Economics will be transferred as planned. 

To do this, it will be necessary to shut down the systems for about two weeks. This is scheduled to take place in mid-May.

During this time, no certificates (transcript of records, certificate of enrolment, certificate of study status, Bafög certificate, etc.) can be issued. Therefore, if you need a certificate during this time, please apply for it before the shutdown

Course Catalogue

There are two different ways to find the AWI courses:

  1. Courses:
    You can use this app to find all courses at the university.  You can also filter them by organisation and thus get an overview of all courses at a particular department. You can further filter by the respective tags under the course, which you can currently select in the filter menu. 
    You can also enter ECON4d in the search field, for example, to see all courses in the elective module. 
    You can use the filters to refine the list by language and type and thus obtain a view of all English-language seminars in the elective module, for example.
  2. My Degree Programme:
    The my degree programme app gives you an overview of your degree programme. You can directly select the modules you would like to complete. You will then be shown all the courses that are assigned to this module.
    Please note: Courses in the module ECON1e Interdisciplinary Perspectives are not displayed in their entirety. For this search, use the first route via the Courses app.
    The courses in Political Science and Sociology, on the other hand, are assigned to the ECON1e module and can be found and taken via this route. An automatic check is carried out in accordance with the module handbook (introductory module before foundation module, foundation module before specialisation module).

Course Registration

heiCO now offers the possibility to “register” for lectures (not for seminars!) (see screenshot above). This registration is possible at any time and no real places are allocated. Lecture and exercise dates that you register for in this way are more directly visible to you (under My courses) and this function enables a more direct integration into various other heiCO functions (e.g. appointment management or calendar). After you have registered in this way, you will be assigned a fixed place directly. 

However, it is by no means necessary to register in order to attend lectures!

Alternatively, you can also bookmark courses using the star next to the title and import them into your calendar (= timetable). However, for these to be displayed there, you must also enable the display of bookmarked courses in the calendar settings.


I would also like to draw your attention to a new section of the AWI homepage. There you will also find a page on heiCO, which - like all the other pages there - will be updated regularly. You are welcome to send me ideas for topics (fabian.pohl@awi.uni-heidelberg.de).


More heiCO tutorials by the heiCO team can be found here: