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ForschungAusgewählte Publikationen

Nachfolgend finden Sie eine Reihe ausgewählter Publikationen von Forscherinnen und Forschern am AWI. Vollständige Publikationslisten finden Sie auf der Seite der jeweiligen Person.


  • Expectation Diversion, Uncertainty, and the Reaction to News (Z. Enders, B. Born and J. Dovern). European Economic Review, accepted.
  • Promise keeping and reliance damage (C. Vanberg and A. Sengupta). European Economic Review 152, 104344.
  • Financial market responses to a natural disaster: Evidence from credit networks and the Indian Ocean tsunami (K. Czura and S. Klonner). Journal of development economics 160.
  • Compliance and Truthfulness: Leveraging Peer Information for Competitive Audit Mechanisms (T. Goeschl, M. Oestreich & A. Soldà). Journal of the Association of Environmental & Resource Economists. Forthcoming.


  • Subsidizing Unit Donations: Matches, Rebates, and Discounts Compared (T. Goeschl, J. Diederich, C. Eckel, R. Epperson, and P. Grossman). Experimental Economics 25, 734-758.
  • Home Bias in Humanitarian Aid: The Role of Regional Favoritism in the Allocation of International Disaster Relief (A. Dreher, C. Bommer and M. Perez-Alvarez), Journal of Public Economics 208: 104604.
  • Poor and Rational: Decision-Making under Scarcity (D. Fehr, G. Fink and K. Jack), Journal of Political Economy, Volume 130, 2862-2897.
  • Your Place in the World: Relative Income and Global Inequality (D. Fehr, J. Mollerstrom and R. Perez-Truglia), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Volume 14, 232-268.
  • Social Class and (Un)ethical Behavior: Causal and Correlational Evidence (Gsottbauer, E., D. Müller, S. Müller, S. T. Trautmann, and G. Zudenkova). Economic Journal 132, 2392–2411.
  • European Fiscal Reform Preferences of Parliamentarians in France, Germany, and Italy (Blesse, S., P. Boyer, M. Bordignon, P. Carapella, F. Heinemann, E. Janeba und A. Raj) European Union Politics 23 (3), 529-540.
  • Dispelling the Shadow of Fiscal Dominance? Fiscal and Monetary Announcement Effects for Euro Area Sovereign Spreads in the Corona Pandemic (Havlik, A., F. Heinemann, S. Helbig und J. Nover). Journal of International Money and Finance 122, 102578.
  • The role of information and experience for households' inflation expectations (Conrad, C., Enders, Z., and A. Glas). European Economic Review, 143, 104015.
  • How Effective is Carbon Pricing? A Machine Learning Approach to Policy Evaluation (J. Abrell, M. Kosch, and S. Rausch). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 112 (102589).
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  • Firm Expectations and Economic Activity (Z. Enders, F. Hünnekes and G. Müller). Journal of the European Economic Association 20, 2396-2439


  • Aid, China, and Growth: Evidence from a New Global Development Finance Dataset (A. Dreher, A. Fuchs, B. C. Parks, A. Strange, M. J. Tierney), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 13, 2: 135-174.
  • Stable Reliability Diagrams for Probabilistic Classifiers, (T. Dimitriadis, T. Gneiting and A. I. Jordan). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Realized Quantiles (T. Dimitriadis and R. Halbleib). Journal of Business & Economic Statistics.
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  • Decision-making with partial information (J. Eichberger and I. Pasichnichenko). Journal of Economic Theory 198, 105369.
  • Growth Expectations, undue Optimism, and short-run Fluctuations (Z. Enders, M. Kleemann and G. Müller). The Review of Economics and Statistics 103, 905-921.
  • Market Depth, Leverage, and Speculative Bubbles (Z. Enders and H. Hakenes). Journal of the European Economic Association 19, 2577-2621.
  • Let the team fix it?—Performance and mood of depressed workers and coworkers in different work contexts (Vollmann, M., Schwieren, C., Mattern, M., & Schnell, K.). PloS one, 16(10), e0256553.
  • Prudent Discounting: Experimental Evidence on Higher-Order Time Risk Preferences (S. Ebert). International Economic Review62(4), 1489–1511. 


  • Weighted Discounting – On Group Diversity, Time-inconsistency, and Consequences for Investment (Ebert, S., Wei, W. & X.Y. Zhou) . Journal of Economic Theory, 189, Article 105089.
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  • Global Banking, Trade, and the International Transmission of the Great Recession (Z. Enders and A. Born). The Economic Journal 129, 2691-2721.


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