Prof. Dr. Zeno Enders

Work in Progress

How economic expectations react to news: Evidence from German firms
with Benjamin Born, Gernot Müller, Manuel Menkhoff, and Knut Niemann, September 2021

Cross-country Unemployment Insurance, Transfers, and Trade-offs in International Risk Sharing
with David Vespermann, March 2021. CESifo Working Paper No. 8965
Summary in English on SUERF, The European Money and Finance Forum and in German on

Expectation Dispersion, Uncertainty, and the Reaction to News
with Benjamin Born and Jonas Dovern, May 2021. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 15581
Working Paper of the Priority Programme 1859 „Experience and Expectation. Historical Foundations of Economic Behaviour” No. 29



Firm Expectations and Economic Activity
with Franziska Hünnekes and Gernot Müller, August 2021
ECB Working Paper 2621, update of CESifo Working Paper No. 7623
Accepted, Journal of the European Economic Association

Firm expectations about production and prices: Facts, determinants, and effects
with Benjamin Born, Gernot Müller, and Knut Niemann, January 2022
Forthcoming, Handbook of Economic Expectations (Elsevier)

Growth Expectations, undue Optimism, and short-run Fluctuations
with Michael Kleemann and Gernot Müller. January 2020
CEPR Discussion Paper 11521 and Bundesbank Discussion Paper No 11/2017
Forthcoming, The Review of Economics and Statistics

The Role of Information and Experience for Households' Inflation Expectations
with Christian Conrad and Alexander Glas, August 2021. CESifo Working Paper No. 8528
Bundesbank Discussion Paper No 07/2021
Working Paper of the Priority Programme 1859 „Experience and Expectation. Historical Foundations of Economic Behaviour” No. 20
Summary in English on SUERF, The European Money and Finance Forum and in German on
European Economic Review 143 (2022), 104015

Market Depth, Leverage, and Speculative Bubbles
with Hendrik Hakenes, October 2020. Update of CESifo Working Paper No. 6806
Journal of the European Economic Association 19 (2021), 2577-2621


Heterogeneous Consumers, Segmented Asset Markets, and the Effects of Monetary Policy
CESifo Working Paper No. 6467
The Economic Journal 130 (2020), 1031-1056

Monetary Policy Announcements and Expectations: Evidence from German Firms
with Franziska Hünnekes and Gernot Müller, July 2019. CEPR Discussion Paper 13916
Journal of Monetary Economics 108 (2019), 45-63

Global Banking, Trade, and the International Transmission of the Great Recession
with Alexandra Born, CESifo Working Paper No. 6912
Featured on Christian Zimmermann's NEP-DGE Blog

Summary on RES media briefing

The Economic Journal 129 (2019), 2691-2721

International Financial Market Integration, Asset Compositions, and the Falling Exchange Rate Pass-Through
with Almira Enders and Mathias Hoffmann
Journal of International Economics 110 (2018), 151-175

Second-round effects after oil price shocks: Evidence for the euro area and Germany
with Almira Enders
Economics Letters 159C (2017), 208-213

Has the Euro changed the Business Cycle?
with Philip Jung and Gernot Müller
Klaus-Liebscher Award 2010 of the Austrian Central Bank
European Economic Review 59 (2013), 189-211

How do Fiscal and Technology Shocks affect Real Exchange Rates?
New Evidence for the United States
with Gernot Müller and Almuth Scholl
Journal of International Economics 83 (2011), 53-69

Global Banks and International Business Cycles
with Robert Kollmann and Gernot Müller
3rd most cited paper in the EER since 2011
European Economic Review 55 (2011), 407-426

On the International Transmission of Technology Shocks
with Gernot Müller
Journal of International Economics 78 (2009), 45-59



Dr. Thomas Eife 

Work in Progress

The General Equilibrium Effects of the Shale Revolution
Heidelberg University, Department of Economics, Discussion Paper No. 694 (2020)



Price Competition in an Inflationary Environment
with Peter Duersch
Journal of Monetary Economics 104 (2019), 48-66

Optimal Price Setting During a Currency Changeover: Theory and Evidence from French Restaurants
with Nicoletta Berardi and Erwan Gautier. Working Paper version
Applied Economics 46 (2014), 2766-2782

Explaining Inflation Persistence by a Time-Varying Taylor Rule
with Christian Conrad. Working Paper version
Journal of Macroeconomics 34 (2012), 419-428


Older work

Explaining the Persistent Effect of the Euro-Changeover on German Restaurant Prices
October 2011

Do Menu Costs Make Prices Sticky?
October 2008

Coping With People´s Inflation Perceptions during a Currency Changeover
with Timothy Coombs, November 2007 (revised version)
Presented at the EMU Governance & Euro Changeover Conference, Malta 2007
An earlier version (December 2006) is available here.

Price Setting Behaviour and Price Setting Regulations at the Euro Changeover
September 2006



Christopher Zuber


Recessions and Potential Output: Disentangling Measurement Errors, Supply Shocks, and Hysteresis Effects
with Jonas Dovern
The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 122 (2020), 1431-1466

How Economic Crises Damage Potential Output – Evidence from the Great Recession
with Jonas Dovern
Journal of Macroeconomics 65 (2020), Article 103239


Work in progress

The Effect of the European Excessive Deficit Procedure on Fiscal Spending Multipliers
with David Vespermann, November 2021

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