Departmental Seminar

Summer Term 2022:


Termin / Date: Monday, 13.30 - 14.30

Ort / Location: Campus Bergheim, AWI, 00.010 (Bergheimer Str. 58). Everybody is welcome!

Organisation: Christoph Vanberg and Ulrike Arnold


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25.04.2022     Illia Pasichnichenko (Bristol)

                       Revealing what really matters for choice



02.05.2022     Mirko Wiederholt (LMU München)

                       The Effects of Monetary Policy: Theory with Measured Expectations



09.05.2022     Chengwei Liu (ESMT Berlin)

                       Underdogs and One-hit Wonders: When is Overcoming Adversity Impressive?



16.05.2022     Michael Bauer (Hamburg)

                       Perceptions about Monetary Policy



23.05.2022     Robinson Kruse (Fernuni Hagen)

                       Predictive regressions under heteroskedasticity



30.05.2022     Rüdiger Bachmann (Notre Dame)

                       Monopsony Makes Firms not only Small but also Unproductive:

                       Why East Germany has not Converged



20.06.2022     Steffen Huck (WZB Berlin)



04.07.2022     Leopoldo Catania (Aarhus)



11.07.2022     Sarah Lein (Basel)

                       The granular origins of inflation



18.07.2022     Alex Imas (Chicago Booth)



01.08.2022     Simon Quinn (Oxford)







Winter term 2021/2022:


25.10.2021     Hülya Eraslan, Rice

                       Bargaining in the Shadow of Uncertainty


08.11.2021     Anna Dreber Almenberg, HHS (Zoom)

                       (Predicting) Replication Outcomes


15.11.2021     Christopher Kilby, Villanova (visiting AWI)

                       Global Public Goods and International Organizations:

                       World Bank COVID-19 Lending as a Case Study


22.11.2021     Sarah Auster, University of Bonn (Zoom)

                       Timing Decisions Under Model Uncertainty


29.11.2021     Christoph Görtz, Birmingham (Zoom)

                       Is There News in Inventories?


06.12.2021     Gernot J. Müller, Tübingen

                       The expectations channel of climate change:

                       implications for monetary policy


(10.01.2022)   POSTPONED   Florian Zimmermann, BRIQ


(17.01.2022)   POSTPONED   Robinson Kruse-Becher, Fernuniversität Hagen

                       Predictive regressions under heteroskedasticity


07.02.2022     Saurabh Singhal, Lancaster (Zoom)

                       The Long-Term Effect of Improving Early-Life Learning Preparedness

                        on Cognitive Abilities


14.02.2022     Aldo Rustichini, University of Minnesota (Zoom)

                       Expanding university access: lessons from the UK experience in 1960 - 2004



Summer Term 2021:   


12.04.2021     Gert Peersman, Ghent University

                       The adverse consequences of global harvest and weather

                       disruptions on economic activity


19.04.2021     Kai Barron, WZB

                       Everyday econometricians: Selection neglect and

                       overoptimism when learning from others


26.04.2021     Dorothea Kübler, WZB

                       Repugnant transactions: On the role of limited agency

                       and extreme consequences


03.05.2021     Matthias Weber, University of St. Gallen

                       Intertemporal Prospect Theory 


10.05.2021     Eugenio Proto, University of Glasgow

                       Covid-19 and the Mental Health of Individuals with Different Personalities 


07.06.2021     Maria Cubel, University of Bath

                       Identity and Corruption. A Laboratory Experiment


14.06.2021     Antonio Cabrales Goitia, UCL

                       Calamities, Common Interests, Shared Identity: What Shapes Altruism and



21.06.2021     Michael Weber, Chicago Booth

                       Diverse Policy Committees Can Reach Underrepresented Groups


28.06.2021     Xavier Gine, World Bank

                       Autonomy and Specificity in Agricultural Technology Adoption:

                       Evidence from Mexico


05.07.2021     Christine Binzel, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (canceled)


12.07.2021     Giorgia Barboni, Warwick Business School

                       Rural Banks Can Reduce Poverty: Evidence from 870 Indian Villages




Winter Term 2020/2021:   

Organisation: Christoph Vanberg and Ulrike Arnold



Gabriele Camera, Chapman University


Introducing New Forms of Digital Money: Evidence from the Laboratory,

Online location:






Summer Term 2020:   All seminars for the summer have been canceled 

Organisation: Christoph Vanberg and Ulrike Arnold


20.04.2020              Sarah Auster, Mannheim   


27.04.2020              Hülya Eraslan, Rice            


04.05.2020              Florian Zimmermann, BRIQ Institute and Bonn


11.05.2020              Augustin Landier, HEC Paris


18.05.2020              Nicola Gennaioli, Bocconi


20.05.2020              Orazio Attanasio, UCL


25.05.2020              Rüdiger Bachmann, Notre Dame


27.05.2020              Ariel Rubinstein, TAU and NYU


22.06.2020              Gabriele Camera, Chapman University  


06.07.2020              Rachel Kranton, Duke University 


13.07.2020              Joachim Winter, LMU  


20.07.2020              Chris Parsons, University of Western Australia and IZA



Winter Term 2019/2020 


14.10.2019     Michel Maréchal, Zurich

                       The Right to be Heard:

                       A Randomized Controlled Trial on Economizing Procedural Justice




21.10.2019     Michael Böhm, Bonn

                       Firm Heterogeneity in Skill Returns




28.10.2019     Friederike Mengel, Essex

                       History matters: Game length realizations and

                       cooperation in indefinitely repeated games




04.11.2019     Giovanni Facchini, Nottingham

                       Immigrant Franchise and Immigration Policy: Evidence from the Progressive Era




11.11.2019     Jim Snyder, MIT

                       The Growth of Campaign Advertising in the U.S., 1880 to 1930




18.11.2019     Jörg Bewersdorff

                       Skill and Chance in Games




25.11.2019     Timothy N. Cason, Purdue

                       Better Coordination, Better Crowdfunding



02.12.2019     Julia Schaumburg, Halle

                       Time-varying vector autoregressive models with structural dynamic factors



09.12.2019     Georg Kirchsteiger, Bruxelles

                       Communication without Cheap Cheap Talk


16.12.2019     Christiane Baumeister, Notre Dame

                       Structural Interpretation of Vector Autoregressions with Incomplete Identification:

                       Setting the Record Straight



07.01.2010     Pablo Guillen Alvarez, Sydney

                       Strategy-proofness in experimental matching markets



13.01.2010     Pierre Boyer, CREST

                       Politically feasible reforms of non-linear tax systems




20.01.2020     Stefan Napel, Bayreuth

                       Influence in Weighted Committees



03.02.2020     Céline Poilly, Aix-Marseille

                       Government Spending Uncertainty and Credit Frictions











Summer Term 2019


15.04.2019     Yan Chen, Michigan

                       Motivating Contributions to Public Information Goods:

                       A Personalized Field Experiment on Wikipedia          



29.04.2019     Frank Schilbach, MIT

                       Sleepless In Chennai: The Consequences of Sleep Deprivation among the Poor



06.05.2019     Pranab Bardhan, Berkeley

                       Clientelistic Politics and Economic Development



13.05.2019     Maja Adena, WZB

                       Personalized Fundraising: A Field Experiment on Threshold Matching of Donations



20.05.2019     Nikolaus Wolf, HU Berlin

                       On the Origins of National Identity



22.05.2019     Chris Roth, briq

                       Do People Value More Informative News?



27.05.2019     Davide Cantoni, LMU

                       The Persistent Power of the Street



03.06.2019     Sigrid Suetens, Tilburg

                       Empirical Evidence on Repeated Sequential Games



17.06.2019     Raphael Schönle, Brandeis

                       Micro-Macro Moments: Time- vs. State-Dependent Pricing



24.06.2019     Ricardo Perez-Truglia, UCLA

                       How Much Does Your Boss Make? The Effects of Salary Comparisons


01.07.2019     Michèle Belot, European University Institute

                       Maternal Stress and Food Preferences: A Lab Experiment with Low Income Mothers



02.07.2019     Gary Bolton, UT Dallas

                       When a Nudge Backfires: Using Observation with Social and

                       Economic Incentives to Promote Pro-Social Behavior



08.07.2019     Markus Pelger, Stanford

                       Factors that Fit the Time Series and Cross-Section of Stock Returns


22.07.2019     Ana Galvao, Warwick

                       Measuring Data Uncertainty:

                       An Application using the Bank of England's 'Fan Charts' for Historical GDP Growth





Winter Term 2018/2019



22.10.2018     Elmar Mertens (Bank for International Settlements)

                            Modeling Time-Varying Uncertainty of Multiple-Horizon Forecast Errors


29.10.2018     Bettina Rockenbach (Köln)

                       Social Responsibility in Markets


12.11.2018     Galina Zudenkova (Mannheim)

                       Paid Parental Leave and Paternity Acknowledgement


26.11.2018     Marc Willinger (LAMETA Montpellier)

                       Experiments on Local Adaptation to a Risky Environment


03.12.2018     Michael Weber (Chicago Booth)

                       Human Frictions In the Transmission of Economic Policy


17.12.2018     Peter Martinsson (Göteborg)

                       Social Information and Donations: Evidence from the Field


09.01.2019     Imran Rasul (University College London)

                       The Mechanics of Job Search Behavior: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Uganda


14.01.2019     Axel Ockenfels (Köln)

                       Engineering trust among strangers


21.01.2019     Emin Karagözoglu (Bilkent University Ankara)

                       As the Going Gets Tough or Easy in Bargaining


04.02.2019     Christelle Dumas (Fribourg)

                       Better roads, better off? Evidence of improving roads in Tanzania





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