Erasmus Places for Bachelor, Master and other Students at the AWI


The winter term 2021-22  is being planned as a  semester with lectures taking place in classrooms as before Covid situation. Nevertheless there partly  might be tutorials or lectures taught online with videos being  presented. You will find the password for your moodle course on the LSF page with the course description. Students do not have to apply for lectures before the exam registration period starts in January 2022. Please also check the AWI homepage.



All contracts could successfully be extended for the academic year 2022-23.

You will find our partners at 10 universities in 8 countries. We can send 27 students for one semester each. Please find reports of former outgoing students on the right hand side above the fotos, some offered to publish. Please take care: some Universities do not offer English speaking lectures.  

Please find the NEW application form here.

The Erasmus application for Master students
has to have included at least one passed exam of the 1rst semester´s compulsory mudules from Masters Programme Economics of  the University of Heidelberg. (If the results should not be available before March 1rst, 2022, please hand in your registration for the exam).

Deadline: March 1, 2022

BREXIT: Erasmus conditions concerning  England  will be posted later here.

Students can also visit  the following Universities via the 4EU+ Alliance program (2 students each; application HERE via Economics):

Charles University PRAG, ERASMUS+ Code: CZ PRAHA 07 more information at:

University of WARSAW,  ERASMUS+ Code: PL WARZSAW01 more information at: Programs here.

University of Milano (La Statale) ERASMUS+ Code: I MILANO01 for 2020/21: Exchangeprograms  for students
Paris Sorbonne, ERASMUS+ Code: F PARIS004, does not have any faculty for economics.
NEWS: Sweden
There will be 1 term offered  for Master students at  Örebro University

Danmark     Flagge Daenemark

University of Copenhagen
(English speaking)
2 students for 1 Bachelor or Master term

plus places for students within the 4EU+ Alliance program. Please apply here as well.

France    Flagge Frankreich

Université Montpellier 1
(French speaking only)
4 students for 1 Bachelor or  Master term

Great Britain  Thumbnail.jpg

will be announced later

Italy    Flagge Italien

(English and Italian speaking)
2 students for 1 Bachelor (italian language ) or Master (english) term
Luxemburg     Flagge Luxemburg

Université du Luxembourg
( French 70%/ English 30%)                         
3 students for 1 Bachelor term

Norway    Flagge Norwegen

University of Bergen
(Norwegian and  English speaking)                                        
2 students  for 1 Bachelor (english speaking rarely) or Master (some English courses) term . Further important info

Poland     Flagge Polen

Warsaw School of Economics
(English and Polish speaking)
4 students for 1 Bachelor or Master term

Spain     Flagge Spanien

Universidad Complutense de Madrid
(Spanish, partly  English
2 students for 1 Bachelor (some English speaking courses) or Master (some English speaking courses) term

Universidad de Malaga
( Spanish, partly English)
2 students for 1 Bachelor term

Universidad de Valencia
(Spanish and English speaking)
4 students for 1 Bachelor term

Turkey   Fl Tuerk

Istanbul University
(English and Turkish)
2 students for 1 Bachelor or 1 Master . Please mind hint to language: İngilizce ENGLISH;  Master mainly Business Administration



Please find further informations for Erasmus Outgoing procedure here.

Any questions left? Please do not hesitate to ask: Freya Schadt, AWI, Bergheimer Str. 58,  Mo-Fr 10-12 h and 14-16 h, first floor room 01.013 or via phone: 06221-542941 and e-mail





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